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Artikler – engelske

Diversity management in large companies
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Implementing change. Lessons from five development projects
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Green New World. A Corporate Agenda for the Future
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Quality Culture and TQM
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Managing Living Companies
Dors-Nyt, 1985.

Educational Problems in OR
European Journal of Operational Research. vol. 15, 1984.

User Involvement: Tools and Methods Applied in Different Projects. Kapitel i:
Proceedings for the 7. World Congress on Project Management. I samarbejde med Jens Ove Riis. Teknisk Forlag, København 1982. Også som særtryk.

The Operations Research Process as a Cooperative Venture
Bedriftsøkonomen nr. 5, 1982.

Educational Problems in Operations Research
Report on EURO Working Groups. European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management, Brussels 1981.

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Information in The Operations Research Process
European Journal of Operational Research, vol. 8, No. 2, October 1980.

The Changing Role of analysts in effective implementation of operations research and management science
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Personal and Organizational value systems. How should we treat these in OR studies?
Discussion paper prepared for The Third International Research Conference on Operational Research and Management Science. Bowness-on-Windermere. UK. 1979.

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Amsterdam 1979.

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Participation in The Operations Research/Management Science Process
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Research and Educational perspectives on operations research/management science implementation. Artikel i:
Atti delle Giornate di Lavoro. Relazioni presentate alle Giornate Di Lavoro. Airo 76. Taranto, 1976.

Implementation of The Operations Research/Management Science Process
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The Process of Implementing Operations Research/Management Science in a Democratic Environment
Invited Paper prepared for the 23rd International Meeting of the Institute of Management Sciences (TIMS), Athens, Greece, 1977.

Conceptual models Models of the operations research/management science process
Erhvervsøkonomisk Institut. 1977.

Some fundamental aspects of Operations Research/Management Science Implementation
Lecture Notes. Department of Applied Mathematics and Dept. Mechanical Engineering, Twente University of Technology. Århus & Twente 1977.